Prince Adam is Belle's love interest.


Beauty and the Beast


Prince Adam in Beast form with the Enchanted rose

In the past, Adam was spoiled and selfish, when a witch but disguised as an old woman came and knocked on the castle's door for protection from the cold. Adam refuses and was cursed and transformed into a beast by the woman. She also cursed the whole castle. The spell will be broken if he could learn to love a woman and earn her love in return by the time the last petal of the rose the witch gave fell. But if he failed, he would remain a beast forever.

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Adam as Beast



  • The name "Adam" is of Hebrew origin and means "earth".
  • "Adam" is derived from a Hebrew word, "adama" which means "man".
  • The name "Adam" is confirmed to be incorrect by Glen Keane, the Beast's animator, and by the D23 Official Website.  Glen Keane said 'he is always the Beast to us'.
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