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Chloe is a fictional character in the Tinker Bell series. She is a Garden Fairy.


She has short brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin.


She wears a pink top and at it's bottom is a hot pink colored top. She also has a pink skirt.


Chloe is very positive, energetic and smarts. She always makes new strategies if the old ones fail and never loses hope. Other things coming soon...


  • The name "Chloe" is of Greek origin, means "green shoot".
    • It refers to the grass in a garden. This might be interesting since Chloe is a Garden Fairy.
  • Chloe has devised strategies for each of the games based on her research.
  • Chloe's voice actress, Brenda Song, also portrays London Tipton in the Disney Channel series, The Suite Life of Zac & Cody and it's sequel, The Suite Life on Deck.
  • She is of Thai descent.
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