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Clank is a Tinker fairy and a fictional character from the Tinker Bell series. He is a supporting character and is the partner of Bobble.


Clank is a cheerful and goofy big sparrow men and is very mischievous. He respects Tinker Bell and is very close with her and his mate Bobble. Clank can do things without thinking, like the time he wove a basket with Bobble's hand stuck inside.


Clank is a big and fat, jolly fairy with black hair and brown eyes.


He wears a big leafy outfit, the top one is dark green and the bottom is forest green.


Tinker Bell (film)

In the first movie, Clank and Bobble welcomes her into the Tinker fairies when Tink first arrived. Tinker Bell expresses her embarrassment on being a Tinker fairy, Clank and Bobble were offended. Near to the end, Tink gains help from Clank and Bobble in order to fix the preparations for spring.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

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Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

Clank and Bobble accidentally crash-landed on a dove full of supplies. Later, when they've heard about Tinker Bell kidnapped by a human, Clank and Bobble built a boat which was used to sail along with Tinker Bell's friends in order for them to rescue Tink.


  • Clank's notable quote: "Haydeehi, haydeeho, Miss Bell!"
  • Clank's wings are smaller than the other fairies. However, this might be because of Clank's large body.

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