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Fairy Mary is a fictional character in the Tinker Bell series.


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Fairy Mary is a cheerful fairy under the service of Queen Clarion. She is a helpful fairy, and a quite fast talker. She put in a lot of good advice and checks on the fairies' workings. She could get very angry if their work is not finished properly, as Clank and Bobble always gets scared when she comes near and they haven't finished their work.


Like Tinker Bell, Clank and Bobble, she is a Tinker Fairy and usually keeps in touch with all the tinker works.


Fairy Mary is a muscular Tinker fairy. She has a pale skin tone, brown-green eyes and light brown hair which is tied in a bun.

Usual Outfit

Her outfit is similiar to Tink's. Both has a green leafly dress with spiky ends.

Ice skating

Fairy Mary has a glittering pink dress, and the bottom is slightly softer shaded. She wears ice-skating sandals and a golden tiara on her hair.


  • The name "Mary" is of Latin origin and means "star of the sea".
  • Fairy Mary's notable quotes: "Tinker fairies never fail." and "Crack my kettles... so dainty!"
  • Fairy Mary is an experienced skater, as shown in a brand new Pixie Preview, How to Ice Skate.
  • She's of English descent.
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