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Fawn is a fictional character in the Tinker Bell series. She is an animal fairy and the closest to Tinker Bell and Rosetta. Fawn lives in a treehouse carved from a giant pinecone.

Tinker Bell series

Tinker Bell (film)

In the first movie, Fawn and the other fairies awaits for Tinker Bell's arrival at Pixie Hollow. She and her friends later be-friended Tink. Fawn agrees to teach Tinker Bell in order for Tink to go to the mainland, but she fails. On the beach, she and her friends secretly watches on Tinker Bell and congratulated her.

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She is very fond of animals and is a funny joker type of person. She is very mischevious, but has a good heart. She and Tinker Bell become good friends since they are both mischievious. Fawn is also very joyful and her personality can be smiliar to Gliss, because most of them are joyful and mischevious. Fawn is crazy about fun and games. Fawn's bad habit is teasing Iridessa. Fawn always excels in the Leapfrogging event.

Powers and Abillities

Fawn has the talent of animals. Her job includes waking up the animals from hibernation, sending them to the Winter Woods for winter and leading them to the Mainland. Her talents include outfoxing the competition.


She has peach skin and long straight hazelnut hair that is tied into a braid and brown eyes. 


Fawn wears an orange dress with something on her waist and dark orange pants. Her shoes are like elves'.


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  • The name "Fawn" is of Old French origin, means "young deer".
  • Fawn's notable quote: "Keep flappin'!".
  • Fawn's web personalities are nurturing, adventurous.

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