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Gus is a fictional animal character created by Walt Disney Pictures. He is a fat mouse who helps his friend Jaq help Cinderella.


Gus is fat and he had a big stomach. He wears a yellow shirt and a green hat. His shoes are auburn in colour and  has an auburn color of noses. He has a light brown fur. His ears are big and has a long black tail.


Gus is a loyal mouse. He is loyal to his friend Jaq and he did not feel jealous towards him even though Jaq got Cinderella and Mary's attention the most. He is a helper, he always help Jaq and Cinderella to solve their problems. However, he always cause trouble every time when he tried to help Cinderella. Something bad may happen like when Lucifer started to realized his presence. He eats a lot, he steals food because he easily gets hungry.


  • The name "Gus" is of Latin origin and also the short form of "Augustus". It means "worthy of respect".