Jaq is a fictional animal character created by Walt Disney Pictures. He is one of Cinderella's helpful mice and his best friend is Gus.


Jaq has a brown fur and he had a black nose and white teeth. His ears are pink and it is very big. He wears an orange coat with a red shirt inside. His tail is long and his shoes are brown. He wears a red hat and his hair is placed outside his hat.


Jaq is a very kind and nice mouse. He is also mature compared to his best friend, Gus. He will do his best in everything, especially for Cinderella. He is also a very good listener to Cinderella, everytime Cinderella has a problem he always encouranges her to be strong. He can be angry if something bad happen to Cinderella. He is important to Cinderella as he was a big helper. He always does what he is told by her. He can be shown quite romantic when he is with Marry.


  • The name "Jaq" is a variant of Old English name "Jack" and French name "Jacques".
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