Princess Jasmine is one of the Disney Princesses. Jasmine's love interest is Aladdin.


Jasmin movie

Jasmin and her pet

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Jasmine has long jade blue hair, brown eyes and tan skin with an Arabic appearance.

Princess gown

Her princess gown is a two-piece outfit. The top of the outfit is a turquoise off-shoulder bandeau, and the shoulder-cloth is translucent. The bottom of the outfit are turquoise breeches with the organza veil outside. She wears an aquamarine tiara, gold earrings and necklace, and matching curly-tipped shoes.


Jasmine is a dreamer who loves her pet tiger, Rajah. She's a free-spirited, confident, and kind person. Jasmine is kind and caring and also considered as intelligent.


Jasmine profile

An exotic, fiery beauty, Jasmine doesn't want much - just to marry for love and to experience life outside the palace. She's bored by her rich and spoiled suitors, and as a strong independent young woman, Jasmine is quite capable of taking matters into her own hands. Aladdin needs courage, intelligence and integrity as great as Jasmine's to win her heart.


  • The name "Jasmine" is of Old French and Persian origin. It means "jasmine flower, a climbing plant with fragrant flowers".
  • Jasmine's princess personality is "Generous".
  • Jasmine's web personalities are determined, daring.

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