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Kit is a fictional character in the Tinker Bell series. She is an animal fairy. She lives in "Kit's Place in Havendish Square".


Kit is inventive, smart and a major tomboy. She loves critters and will do anything to help and care for them. She likes to play rough-and-tumble games, and she hardly notices when she's dirty. She's a valuable member of the Never Council and knows a lot of the mainland, too. And that's the reason why she's in charge of giving pixies special mainland quest challenges that reward special badges. She is also crazy about playing "hide-and-seek". She is also loyal and a good listener. She's known for playing in the mud. 


Kit has maroon hair, yellow eyes and pointed elf ears.


She wears an orange leaf top. A leaf that seems to be a belt. And a her bottoms is like a bees' hive. On her right arm, she has a string-like arm-bracelet and an orange colored paw.


  • The name "Kit" is a variant of Greek name "Catherine" and Latin name "Christina" and Greek name "Katherine", and means "pure", "follower of Christ".
  • Other meanings of "Kit" are "pure", "follower of Christ".
  • Kit is reminded by Rosetta to wash up before meals.
  • Her best fairy friends are Marina and Slate.
  • Her notable quote is: "Keep it dusty!"
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