Maximus is a fictional animal character created by Walt Disney and a palace horse. He hates Eugene, as he is a thief and he was really determined to catch and take him to the palace.


He has a smoth white fur and a long fury white tail. He has blue eyes and he wears a collar which is written Maximus. He has a sailor on his back.


He is a determined and a very hardworking horse. He would never gives up easily. This was shown clearly when he tried to chase Eugene as Eugene stole the precious sachel from the kingdom. Beside that, he is shown as a good horse when he listens to Rapunzel's order for not to chase Flynn and he actually apologized to Eugene eventhough he didn't want. After Eugene left him in his kigdom, he is hown sad and angry. He is sad because he was left and angry because he is given a stolen apple by Eugene.



In the movie, Maximus is shown as a brave palace horse. His first seen was when she was chasing Eugene Fitzherbert whom is known as Flynn Rider that time. But when Eugene escape the guards and try to ride on Max back. He is angry as he is a clever horse. He even tried to kill him but both of them end up fall down from the fell tree. After Eugene hid himself, he was very determined to search for him. After that, he saw Eugene wanted poster. At first, he didn't recognized him as the drawer always didn't set Eugene's nose right. But when he covers the false nose, he recognizes him but then he met Gothel, who was actually searching for Rapunzel's birthday present. Maximus causes Gothel realized that Rapunzel has escaped from the tower. It is because he is a palace horse and was supposed to be rode by a royal soldier. Then, he found Eugene with Rapunzel and he is determined to kill him. Thanks to Rapunzel, he's calmed and Eugene and him apologize to each other. But, they are actually pretending to be nice in front of Rapunzel. In the end, they end up being good friends.

Tangled Ever After

Maximus is first seen carrying the wedding rings.

Maximus carrying the rings


  • The name "Maximus" is of Greek and Latin origin and means "greatest".
  • He and Pascal are both voiced by Frank Welker.