Princess Melody is Ariel and Eric's 12-year old daughter.


The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Melody secretly sneaked out to go to the ocean and disobeys her mother. She likes to
Melody as a baby

Melody as a baby

go to the ocean to pick up shells. She later meets Morgana, who made her a mermaid. She then later finds out that King Triton is her grandfather.


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Melody bears great resemblances to Ariel, despite the colours. Her hair is black and has a large and deep bang and she has blue eyes. Her skin is slightly tanned and wears a white camisole with a green bow and frilly white knee-length pantalettes.


  • The name "Melody" is of Greek origin and means "music", "song".
  • It's possible that Melody inherited Ariel's singing voice.