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Minister of Autumn
The Minister of Autumn is the Minister takes responsibility about bringing autumn to main land. He's voiced by John DiMaggio.


He has white skin, brown hair and brown eyes. His clothes and his hat are made from golden leaves.


He is wise and logical, and is hard to fluster. He oversees the preparations for autumn with a steady hand and a kind word for every fairy. Generally hands-off, he would rather trust the fairies in his charge to do their jobs well than get in their way. But when the time comes to bring autumn to the mainland, he can be found in the thick of the things, ensuring nothing goes wrong. He makes his home in Autumn Forest and wears a suit of orange, brown and red leaves. His preferred method of transportation is riding on a fallen leaf of a sycamore tree and being whisked along by the wind.


  • He's of Brazilian descent.

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