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Rosetta is a fictional character in the Tinker Bell series. She is a garden fairy. Rosetta arrived in Pixie Hollow before most of her friends.


Rosetta is a kind and wise garden fairy. She has a quick wit and a sweet tone of voice. Rosetta loves to look beautiful and gives makeovers. She is the wisest in Tink's friends because she is known to be "older" than most of the fairies. Rosetta is also very gentle and takes on her jobs dutifully. Rosetta is also sweet but sassy, and always ready to share some good advice.


Tinker Bell (film)

At the beginning of the movie, she is seen along with the other fairies waiting for Tinker Bell's arrival. Then, to find Tink's talent, she presents a flower on the selection. Later, she be-friends Tink.
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Tink and Rosetta.

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Powers and Abilities

She is a garden fairy, and is in charge of gardening. She also paints the flowers and make them open or close. She can plant fruits or vegetables by leading the bulbs/seeds and ordering them to plant themselves. Rosetta concentrates to train the fairies to grow a fairy gold in a Pixie Preview.


She has peach skin with long hazelnut hair that is curled at the ends and emerald eyes.


Rosetta wears a petal dress that is pink.


  • The name "Rosetta" is a variant of Latin names "Rosa" and "Rose". It means "rose flower".
  • Rosetta's talent maybe the closest to nature talents, because trees and flowers are mostly nature.
  • Rosetta's notable quote: "You all right, Sugar Cane?"
  • Rosetta's web personalities are charismatic, flirty, stylish.

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